Curl; C, CC, & D 

Thickness: 0.10

Length: 8mm-14mm

Rows: 16 strips per tray

 Total tabs per tray: 20 tabs per strip, 320 tabs per tray

Our mixed length tray includes: 8mm (1 rows), 9mm (2 rows), 10mm (4 rows), 11mm (4 rows), 12mm (3 rows), 13mm (1 row), 14mm (1 row)



Total tabs per tray: 20 tabs per strip, 320 tabs per tray

Russian Volume lashes are very popular today. They are very hard to master the skills or create perfect fans. However, our Pre-fan Volume Lashes are very easy to work with and help you to add extra volume to your client's natural lashes. Our Pre-fan Volume Lashes are perfect solutions for clients with less natural lash volume or easily bridge the thin space for those who has gaps in the lash line.

Benefit of ILASHMAX Pre-fan Volume Lashes:

  • Cover thin space or gaps
  • Easy to work with and add extra volume
  • Ultra-light weight, voluminous and cashmere touch
  • Faster application process comparing with custom Russian volume lashes
  • Perfect to mix with classic lashes, or any type of our volume lashes