ILASHMAX Signature Ellipse Lashes are our most dramatic eyelash extensions. They're made of high-quality materials and have a RICH JET BLACK ( no blue hue) color for a soft and natural look. Our Ellipse Lashes are concave on the base,  flattened for the wider look, creating more surface for a better bond between natural lash and eyelash extensions, resulting in lash much longer than normal.   Thickness 0.15 flat lashes LOOK like 0.20 and FEEL like 0.010.  The concave surface wraps around the natural lash prevent it from turning or twisting from the natural lash.  The Signature Ellipse Lash are lightweight and have a luxurious feel

Curl:  C, D, CC

Thickness  0.15

Length: 8mm-15mm

Rows: 16 strips per tray

The benefit of ILASHMAX Signature Ellipse Lashes:

  • Longer lasting retention
  • Easy to work with and give extra voluminous look
  • Ultra-lightweight, voluminous and cashmere touch
  • Faster application process